Игорь (bod_hi) wrote,

С ценностями или без

Интересное замечание в начале книги Девида Аллена:
"Focusing on values does not simplify your life. It gives meaning and direction — and a lot more complexity."
(Сосредоточение на ценностях не упрощает вашу жизнь. Это даёт смысл и направление — и намного больше сложности.)

И небольшое разъяснение:
"Focusing on primary outcomes and values is a critical exercise,
certainly. But it does not mean there is less to do, or fewer
challenges in getting the work done. Quite the contrary: it just
ups the ante in the game, which still must be played day to day.
For a human-resources executive, for example, deciding to deal
with quality-of-work-life issues in order to attract and keep key
talent does not make things simpler."
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